There are books, classes and conferences that can give you the knowledge to solve some legal disputes. There are many processes for resolving a legal dispute without legal help.

  • Have an attorney give you advice or proof letters, but not represent you fully in the dispute.
  • Simply negotiating with the other party can resolve many disputes. Use a book or other resource to learn the process of negotiation.
  • There are dispute resolution centers for certain types of disputes, which offer mediation and/or arbitration services.
    • In mediation, a third party helps the two parties discuss the issues and hopefully come to an agreement.
    • In arbitration, a third party finds a resolution after hearing both parties present their side of the dispute.
  • If the damages don’t exceed a certain limit set by your state, you may file in small claims court. You will act as your own lawyer, so be prepared to gather evidence, research relevant laws, and present your story in court.