Jay Badgett, CPA , partner with Red Tree CPAs [formerly Weber, Dobson & Jensen, PC] has been both our personal and business accountant for the past 5 years in which we consider a valuable asset. Jay and the firm bring many years of experience, knowledge, and professionalism providing us with top notch guidance in achieving our personal and business goals. With changes in tax laws from year to year, planning and keeping up is the key to success. Jay has that ability and continues to do that with us from year to year. He has provided us with a confident, open, and friendly atmosphere in which we can work together at preparing, setting, and achieving our greatest financial potential both on a personal and business level. If you are looking for someone to help provide you with the tools for financial planning and stability…Jay is your answer… along with a team of professionals with him at Red Tree CPAs…( an added bonus) …not to mention a wonderful warm welcome with Bonnie as you walk in.